For nearly 20 years BullGuard has been competing with much larger and more established antivirus companies by offering highly affordable yet remarkably innovative antivirus solutions.

Specific BullGuard plans demonstrate how BullGuard is tapped into the cybersecurity zeitgeist. The company’s Game Booster plugin successfully resolves the resources conflict between gaming and antivirus software by shifting all apps including antivirus to one CPU core while you play, leaving the rest of the CPU cores free to enhance your gaming experience.

Its helpful vulnerability scanner reminds you when you need to make security updates to software your computer is running and lets you know when you’ve connected to a non-secure Wi-Fi network, while BullGuard’s integrated cloud backup enables you to easily store an online copy of your files on a cloud storage platform of your choice from within its intuitive interface.

If you’re looking for a cybersecurity product that provides ample coverage, easy-to-use tools, and competitive rates, BullGuard is an excellent choice.

Platform and Devices Accessibility

Bullguard only offers limited protection for Apple users, but it’s Windows plans are expansive. Before selecting, you should make sure to check BullGuard’s tech specs to ensure your OS version is covered.

User Experience

Whatever your level of familiarity with cybersecurity software, an intuitive user interface is always welcome. Getting BullGuard installed on your device requires a few steps, after which you can just click on the interface’s icons to start running a scan, configure your firewall or parental control settings.

If you do somehow find yourself confused, the BullGuard website offers step-by-step instructions for setting up and using its different antivirus functions. You can alternatively put your question to the BullGuard-moderated forum, which has thousands of helpful posts on a range of BullGuard product issues.

Plans and Rates

  • BullGuard has won a number of prestigious cybersecurity awards over the years, and its winning features are matched by attractive prices. It’s starter plan, BullGuard Antivirus, starts at $23.96 yearly and is available for 1 PC only. This plan gets you anti-malware and anti-ransomware, automatic security updates, the company’s proprietary AI virus recognition technology, and its Booster Gaming feature, which enables you to play resource-intensive games on your PC without disabling your antivirus technology.
  • For users who need coverage for multiple devices, BullGuard Internet Security starts at $29.97 a year and comes with a firewall and all-encompassing Android protection, including antivirus, cloud backup, and parental control. This plan also includes antivirus for Mac. BullGuard’s most expensive plan, Premium Protection, starts at $39.98 yearly and covers 10 devices with even more goodies, such as PC tune-ups, a home network scanner, and identity protection.
  • Many of BullGuard’s plans require a yearly payment, though some plans, such as a standalone Identity Protection product, can be paid monthly. Even if you are paying a yearly price, BullGuard’s very affordable prices, seasonal discounts, and multi-year discounts make paying a yearly sum very doable.

Payment Method

In addition to standard credit card payments, BullGuard also accepts PayPal payments and wire transfers.

Customer Service

BullGuard offers a separate plan available for protecting IoT connected devices. This same futuristic mindset seems to have carried over to its support team, which has done away with the antiquated telephone. Nevertheless, its 24/7 live chat support is staffed by helpful individuals that are usually able to dispatch any issues you’re having fairly quickly. If your issue isn’t urgent, you can also send tech support an email and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

The BullGuard website additionally supports your solo troubleshooting journey with detailed product guides and the community forum. For cybersecurity aficionados, BullGuard’s frequently updated blog offers insightful glimpses at the latest developments in cybercrime.


As a budget-friendly antivirus service, BullGuard is still able to deliver high-quality antivirus products. Its plans range from basic protection to plans with extra security features like a home network scanner and online identity protection, though no matter what plan you choose ongoing discounts mean you’ll be paying a reduced price.

If you’re looking for an antivirus solution that’s very sophisticated, BullGuard may not be for you – it doesn’t offer specific financial cybersecurity options, or include web cam protection. Still, for home users that want to protect their computer and browsing habits from the cyber bad guys BullGuard is a solid bet.