Heimdal Security has been on the cybersecurity scene since 2011 and has spent the decade offering advanced cybersecurity solutions. The company wants to make it as easy as possible for you to direct Heimdal’s protection services without compromising any files or systems in the process.

With outstanding test scores against known and new types of malware, Heimdal is the Windows PC antivirus companion you’re looking for.

Platform and Devices Accessibility

In order for your Heimdal antivirus products to work on your PC you’ll need Windows 7, 8.1, 8, or 10. You’ll also need 25 MB of free disk space and an internet connection.

User Experience

Both beginners and users will find a lot to love about Heimdal. New users can quickly get started and forget about the app once it’s been configured. Heimdal’s automatic, real-time scans and app security patches always keep your PC protected.

If you prefer to customize your antivirus, you can set additional deep and quick scans, as well as see your quarantined files. Additionally, we were pleased with the easy-to-navigate interface and Heimdal’s overall design.

Plans and Rates

  •  Heimdal’s line of Thor products are, like their namesake, powerful and intimidating. It’s difficult to divide Heimdal’s products into basic and more advanced, because each serves a different purpose. Starting at $52.46 per year, Thor Foresight uses proprietary AI to detect suspiciously behaving files and traffic from affecting your PC. This plan includes phishing and online payment protection, as well as automatic app update to avoid security vulnerabilities.
  •  Starting $44.96 per year, Thor Vigilance will get you signature-based virus scans, behavioral scans to discover new forms of viruses, real-time cloud storage scans and a sandbox feature that lets you run a file in a safe space to see if it’s indeed malware.
  • For optimal coverage, though, we recommend Thor Premium, which bundles Thor Foresight with Thor Vigilance to give you ultimate antivirus coverage. Starting at $74.96 per year, Thor Premium gives you Thor Foresight and Thor Vigilance’s top-notch antivirus features, thoroughly protecting your PC and your data.
  • Keep in mind that Thor Foresight, Thor Vigilance, and Thor Premium plans listed each cover only 3 PCs – if you want to add more devices, the price will go up. Moreover, the prices listed here have undergone a 25% new subscriber discount. Still, the multi-year discounts that Heimdal offers can bring plan prices way down if you’re willing to commit.

Payment Methods

You can pay for Heimdal’s Thor antivirus solutions with credit card only.

Customer Service

The points that Heimdal loses for pricing it makes up for with its excellent customer service. Heimdal’s ticketing and email services are available during 9am-9pm Central European Time, so if you’re submitting a ticket or sending an email you’ll have to take that into account.

Nevertheless, nearly every time we’ve submitted a ticket we’ve had a reply within two to three hours, and each response was brimming with helpful advice.

Heimdal also picks up bonus points for offering support in German as well as in English. For in-depth guides on how to use the product, simply go to the Product Guide section on the Heimdal website, while Known Issues provides workarounds for problems that Heimdal is aware of but hasn’t fixed yet. All in all, we were impressed by the speed and attitude of the support team as well as with the range of Heimdal’s written resources.


As a powerhouse antivirus solution that unswervingly protects your PC, your data and network from incoming threats while still giving you some freedom over how suspicious files are dealt with, Heimdal is hard to beat.

Though its pricing isn’t necessarily the cheapest, multi-year discounts make the cost much more palatable. For PC owners that want to browse and work on their PC with peace of mind, Heimdal offers a bastion of safety from the latest cyberthreats.