While many antivirus solutions often treat Mac as an afterthought, France-based Intego has been focused on protecting Macs since 1997. Intego has been at the forefront of Mac cybersecurity, developing technologies that keep Mac hackers away from your device and your network connections safe.

You don’t have to know much about Macs or cybersecurity to enjoy Intego’s powerful cybersecurity features. However, if you do like to have more control over how your antivirus manages malware once it’s caught, Intego gives you several options. Intego’s dedication to Macs has resulted in a world-class antivirus solution that really stacks up against the competition.

Platform and Devices Accessibility

For your Intego cybersecurity software to work, you’ll need Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

User Experience

Intego claims that as avid Mac users, its employees design for simplicity, and the experience we’ve had with the company and its products fully supports this claim. We really enjoy how easy it is to install and get Intego’s antivirus products up and running. An intuitive user interface helped us find our way through Intego’s robust cybersecurity lineup to functions we wanted to personalize.

The company’s automatic functions – real-time scanning, a firewall that changes security setting based on your location – mean your devices are protected at all times. That being said, we like the amount of customization we get in terms of scheduling specific scans, designating safe files for faster scans and letting you choose how you’d like to deal with detected malware.

Plans and Rates

For home protection, Intego offers two plans: Mac Internet Security X9 and Mac Premium Bundle X9. Mac Internet Security starts at $39.99 per year. With Mac Internet Security you get Intego’s spyware, adware, keylogger and many other types of malware protection, Windows malware protection, a personal firewall, network protection and app permission manager, real-time scanning and scan scheduling.

Mac Premium Bundle X9 starts at $69.99 yearly and offers an advanced suite of cybersecurity options. In addition to the antivirus and network protection offered in Mac Internet Security X9, Mac Premium Bundle X9 includes a parental control panel, multiple automatic and manual backup options and Intego’s Mac tune-up package.

Though the plans may be a little pricier than other Mac antivirus solutions, each plan offers a rich feature set that gives you ample personalization opportunities. Moreover, if you decide to sign up for a 2-year contract, you’ll receive a substantial discount.

Payment Methods

You can purchase an Intego antivirus product using credit card or PayPal.

Customer Service

If you wish to contact an Intego technical support representative, you can submit a ticket explaining who you are, your device and serial number, and what problem you’re experiencing. On the plus side, once you’ve submitted this information someone from Intego’s support team will reach out fairly quickly at no extra charge.

As a bonus, you can ask to speak to a customer service representative in either English or French. Before you escalate to an Intego tech support expert, however, it’s worth exploring what Intego’s knowledge base has to offer. The knowledgebase is packed with useful materials, ranging from a basic setup to detailed user manuals.


For a lightweight antivirus software that excels at keeping your Mac safe from cyber threats, it’s hard to outdo Intego. The antivirus’ intuitive interface makes it simple to navigate Intego’s long list of anti-malware features, while parental controls and an extensive catalogue of backup options take Intego’s antivirus offerings from good to great. If you’re in the market for a steadfast, innovative Mac antivirus solution, Intego is a terrific option.