Although Kaspersky made the headlines in recent years for some controversial reasons, it remains one of the most reliable antivirus tools on the market.

Thanks to competitive pricing and a wide range of features to keep your devices uncluttered and malware-free, Kaspersky continues to be one of if not the reigning champion of home antivirus solutions.

Platform and Devices Accessibility

We were happy to see that Kaspersky offers protection for the most popular devices and operating systems. If you’re on Windows, you can install Kaspersky with versions 7 through 10. Kaspersky also includes Mac users in its multi-device plans, and even offers a full Mac version. If you want to protect your phone, Kaspersky also provides both iOS and Android tools.

User Experience

For the most part, we were very pleased with how smooth our every interaction was with Kaspersky’s antivirus interface. Its no-nonsense design meant we were able to find what we were looking for easily, and customization was likewise a breeze. We surprised at the amount of choice we were given in terms of setting up scans, and we appreciated how easy to was to access the company’s activity log.

While Kaspersky really spoke to antivirus pros like us, we can imagine that someone just getting started with an antivirus program might be overwhelmed by the selections that Kaspersky offers. At the same time, Kaspersky’s automatic settings provide comprehensive protection of your device. For the times when you are stumped about how to do something with Kaspersky, the company’s knowledge base and product videos come with step-by-step instructions to help you take that next step.

Plans and Rates

  • Kaspersky offers three home cybersecurity plans: Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Kaspersky Total Security, as well as a free plan. Kaspersky Free is robust for a free antivirus product, protecting you against most kinds of malware without putting too much strain on your PC.
  • The next plan up, Kaspersky Antivirus, starts at $29.99 for three PCs for the first year. Here too, malware detection and disposal is the name of the game, though with Kaspersky Antivirus you’re also able to salvage data that’s been infected by a virus.
  • For a more comprehensive antivirus plan, try Kaspersky Internet Security. Starting at $39.99 for three devices for the first year, Kaspersky Internet Security ramps your cyber safety up a notch with ransomware protection, safe banking and shopping mode, and a confidential contact mode for your smartphone.
  • Finally, starting at $49.99 for 5 devices for the first year, Kaspersky Total Protection has just about every cyber base covered. Kaspersky’s premium plan comes with parental control, a password manager, and a free VPN.
  • Though Kaspersky plan prices do go up after the first year, you can counter that by signing up discounted multi-year contracts.

Customer Service

At Kaspersky, tech support experts are on standby 24/7 to tackle whatever issue may arise through its ticketing system and via its social channels. Although wait times are slightly longer than we would expect from an antivirus provider of this size and stature, Kaspersky’s chipper and knowledgeable tech support agents are worth the wait.


It’s hard to find fault with Kaspersky. The company’s nearly undefeated title of best malware detector, blocker, and destroyer across impartial lab tests speaks for itself. We really liked how many configuration options are available to the home user, and the many add-ons like webcam and keylogging protection demonstrate that Kaspersky leaves no stone unturned in its ongoing battle against hackers. For comprehensive protection that won’t break the bank, Kaspersky is a highly recommended choice.