Over the past 25 years, Norton Antivirus has cemented its status as one of the top antivirus companies in the world. Drawing on its years of expertise, its massive data sets and its world-renowned civilian cyber threat intelligence network, Norton offers robust security plans that evolve alongside emerging cyberthreats.

If you’re an enterprise-sized company, you’ll have to look to Norton’s parent company, Symantec, for a comprehensive antivirus plan. However, if you’re an individual or small business looking to secure your data and devices, Norton Antivirus is a thoroughly reliable and affordable choice.

Platform and Devices Accessibility

Norton’s overall device coverage is very inclusive. Most of the antivirus company’s plans are compatible with PCs, Macs, Android and IoS operating systems. However, it’s worth reading the small print, especially in the more specialized plans, to make sure your device is covered. For instance, the parental control plan isn’t available for Mac computers.

User Experience

The user experience with Norton manages to hit all the right notes, whether you’re new to cybersecurity or whether you understand the current state of cybercrime in depth. Beginners will appreciate the product’s intuitive interface, with friendly icons illuminating each section of the service’s activities. For users that want more control over the scans that Norton is running, the advanced configuration section of the product is just as simple to use.

Troubleshooting by yourself can be easily accomplished with the help of the community forum or through Norton’s knowledge base, both of which cover questions and issues that users frequently face.

 Plans and Rates

  • As a worldwide leader in antivirus protection, Norton offers an extensive list of plans at competitive prices to suit the differing needs and budgets of individuals and small businesses. The company’s most basic plan, Norton Antivirus Plus, starts at $7.99 monthly and covers 1 computer. In addition to malware, ransomware and antivirus protection, this plan also includes online privacy protection, a firewall, 2GB cloud backup, and password protection.
  • If you have more than one device you need to protect, you can upgrade to Norton 360 Deluxe for $9.99 a month. The plan covers five computers, tablets or smartphones, provides 50GB cloud backup, parental control, and dark web monitoring.
  • Its most expensive home plan, Norton 360 with LifeLock Select, starts at $9.99 for the first year, after which it costs $14.99 a month. With LifeLock select, you receive coverage for up to 5 devices, 100 GB cloud backup, fraud detection, and credit monitoring, identity theft loss insurance, and even bureaucratic help when you lose your (physical) wallet.
  • There are other more specific protection plans you can purchase through Norton. For example, you can subscribe to the parental control plan for $49.99 to keep track of and act on your children’s browsing habits. A secure VPN plan starts a $4.99 a month and keeps your private information safe when you use public Wi-Fi to surf the web on your device.
  • There are also mobile plans for Android and iOS starting at $14.99 a year to keep your smartphone and tablets safe from malicious apps and actors. Finally, the Norton Small Business plan starts at $99.99 a year and offers customizable coverage for 5 devices, with easy setup and wraparound support.
  • Free plans available for PC, paid plans for PC, Mac, Android and iOS range from $34.99-$104.99 per year.

Payment Method

Norton gives you two options for paying for the plan or plans you’ve selected: secure credit card payment from its website, or with PayPal.

Customer Service

Norton has invested in developing a five-star support experience, and it shows. Cybercrime doesn’t rest, but neither does Norton’s support lines. The company offers two primary channels for reaching a live agent – live chat and phone – both of which are open 24/7/365.

You can additionally reach out for help via Norton’s Facebook and Twitter accounts or direct your question to the Norton community forum, which is moderated by Norton employees. No matter how you reach Norton’s customer support staff, you’re sure to get quick, friendly help from someone who knows the ins and outs of cybersecurity.


Norton Antivirus is an excellent choice for the individual or small business looking that isn’t willing to compromise on the security of their devices or their online browsing. Offering features that repel threats from ever reaching you and prevent you from entering unsavory websites, all at an affordable price, Norton empowers you to make online safety and privacy a priority for you, for your business, and for your family.