After nearly 30 years of perfecting the antivirus craft, Panda is using the latest in AI and machine learning to identify new threats in real-time and to stop them from ever reaching you in the first place.

With unique features like cryptojacking protection, personalized firewall configuration, and customizable ransomware protection, Panda has a lot to offer anyone who owns a computer and is connected to the World Wide Web.

Platform and Devices Accessibility

As far as device coverage goes, Panda scores high. Although it doesn’t offer antivirus services for iPhones or iPads, it does have plans geared towards Windows and Mac computers as well as toward Android devices.

If you’re concerned that the OS you’re running may be too old for Panda’s antivirus software, all compatibility information is listed on the Panda website product page. However, with support for Windows Vista and Windows XP there’s a good chance you’re covered.

User Experience

You don’t have to be a web wizard to figure out Panda’s interface. Easily identifiable icons and labels make it simple to run a new scan or schedule a scan, and you can scroll down within the interface to find advanced configurations.

The fact that there’s a lot of choices also contributes to empowering user experience. The Data Shield function lets you select specific files that you want to protect from ransomware, while you also have a good amount of freedom when it comes to configuring your firewall.  

Plans and Rates

  • Panda’s most basic paid plan, Panda Dome Essential, starts at $3.99 a month and includes antivirus, firewall, network monitoring and USB protection. For just a dollar more a month you can upgrade to Panda Dome Advanced and get ransomware protection and parental control.
  • Panda Dome Complete for 5 devices starts at $9.99 and includes a password manager as well as a cleanup tool that frees up disk space and gets rid of unnecessary browser data. Finally, Panda Dome Premium starts at $21.99 a month and covers up to 10 devices. Using Premium you’ll have access to anonymous browsing with a VPN, cloud backup, and the coveted 24/7 technical support team.
  • Keep in mind that the price for each plan fluctuates depending on how many devices you want to add, and whether you choose a monthly, annual, or multi-year payment plan. The longer you sign up for, the lower the prices dip.

Payment Methods

Panda subscriptions can be purchased through its website with a credit card or through PayPal.

Customer Service

In a world in which 24/7 technical support has become the norm, the fact that only Panda’s most expensive plan, Panda Dome Premium, offers access to this service leaves some room for improvement. Still, the company’s ticketing system is simple, and response and resolution times are surprisingly speedy.

You can also typically get a quick response to most of your product questions over Twitter, or through the Panda-run community forum. The forum has thousands of articles on Panda issues and malware questions, so if you feel comfortable problem-solving on your own the forum is an efficient way to do that.


Panda is a well-rounded antivirus solution for users that want to go the extra mile to protect their devices and data. Standout features such as Data Shield file encryption and USB scanning keep what matters most to you (on your computer and online, in any case) safe.

Each Panda plan comes with customizable features that let you constuct a plan that really puts your security concerns to rest without breaking the bank. As an affordable and effective antivirus solution that's continually evolving with the help of AI and machine learning, Panda is the one to watch.