With just a few years of experience in the field, Total AV is giving long-standing antivirus solutions a run for their money. Even though it’s new, the company’s excellent prices and its multitude of features make it a worthwhile choice for any user.

If real-time protection, superb antivirus testing and a cadre of caring, expert technical support representatives are essential to you, Total AV may be the right answer.

Platform and Devices Accessibility

We were impressed to see the breadth of Total AV’s coverage.  Windows users can install Total AV on XP or greater, while Mac users can use Total AV with OS X 10.8 or better. If you’re on Android, make sure you have Oreo 8.1 before installing.

User Experience

It’s a breeze to navigate through Total AV’s interface, which makes it easy to find exactly what you need in a few seconds. Total AV’s user interface is one of the friendliest user interfaces we’ve encountered, with clear labeling for each function.

Moreover, Total AV does enable you to configure certain settings, such as scheduling scans or restoring suspicious files from quarantine. If you find yourself struggling with any Total AV feature, the company’s knowledge base contains incredibly detailed guides and instructions that should help make the issue clearer.

Plans and Rates

  • As we mentioned above, Total AV’s first-year discounts are hefty. If you’re looking for a basic antivirus plan, go with Essential Antivirus 2019. Starting at $19.95 for the first year than climbing to $99.95 for subsequent years, Essential Antivirus 2019 protects one device with real-time scanning, phishing, virus, ransomware and malware protection, and device performance optimizers.
  • If you want to protect a few more devices, Antivirus Pro 2019 starts at $39.95 for the first year then rises to $119.95 the year after that. With Antivirus Pro 2019 you get coverage for 3 devices as well as a password manager and a guide to safe cyber practices.
  • For Total AV’s highest level of protection, you can upgrade to Ultimate Antivirus 2019. For $59.95 the first year and $149.95 the year after, you’ll receive access to Total AV’s priority support hotline and be eligible for smartphone protection – the previous two plans only cover PCs or Macs.
  • The bottom line is that though the prices do jump after the first year, the first-year prices are terrific value for money.

Payment Methods

Total AV’s antivirus plans can be purchased with a credit card or through your PayPal account.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Total AV is far ahead of many of its peers. Essential Antivirus 2019 and Antivirus Pro 2019 each come with 24/7 chat and email technical support. From our experience, the chat conversations usually have a faster response time, but in any case, no matter which channel you’re using you’re sure to encounter gracious representatives who are quick to resolve your issue.

If you do opt for Total AV’s tier-three plan, Ultimate Antivirus 2019, you’re entitled to 24/7 technical phone support as well. Good news for anyone having trouble with billing – that phone line is open around the clock.


Not only do Total AV’s products consistently best malware in test labs, but its featureful offering combines tune-ups with protection to keep your devices at their best.

There is the matter of second-year pricing, which can get pricey depending on the plan you’re purchasing. At the same time, these prices are a one-time payment for a year of secure working and playing on your devices – as far as we’re considered, that’s a bargain.